Khalid Zidan


You probably know it by now, the online business is the future, I believe no one will work on offices anymore. People will just work remotely and companies will function just fine with employees laying down on beaches, forest or even bars and cafes!

I must have tried tools, courses and get rich fast S*** more than I eat dinner with my family. There is a lot of scammers out there, very noisy world. I have failed tens of time trying to make my first $1 online although my 9-5 job could have given my family and I a wonderful life! But what can I say, I love being control over my life, just like you.

I have designed this page in case you are feeling lost, or you do not know where to start. If you have any question, please contact me, I would love to help, I have been there.

Scroll down and have a look… Learn how can you start right now!

Starting a Blog

I remember the first blog I have ever written has got over 100 subscribers and 150 social shares. I would recommend reading it first and then get the tools below, I have tried a lot, and these are the best in the market.

Step 1:

If you have a domain already, that’s great, if you do not, you can have a free domain with WordPress as, I do not recommend this one because it has no branding it is not for long term plan. I suggest get yourself a domain, it costs few dollars only.

Get a domain ——>


Step 2:

I do not see a reason why do not you choose a WordPress platform to start a blog! I love so as millions of other bloggers. Do yourself a favor and choose WordPress.

Once of the best hosting company that have a great balance in cost and performance is SiteGround ,try it our and you will thank me, their customer service is amazing.

Host your WordPress blog ——>


Step 3:

Here is my favorit part: Tools for WordPress

X Theme

Xtheme plugin

I used over 25 WordPress theme in 7 websites, X Theme by far the most dynamic and efficient theme. It is super user-friendly, especially for beginners. It comes with an incredible support and many built-in FREE plugins. I use for 2 websites and this blog too; I just love it. You can see demos here.


sumome plugin

It is 3 seconds setup plugin that will allow you to build your email list and expand your social presence. It has many built-in plugins such as pop-ups, slide-bar, social share, analytics, contact form and a lot more. Do you see the social bar on the left? It is Sumome too.

It has free and paid versions based on your need; I would recommend starting out with free version first for a couple of weeks.


Time to monetize your blog, Johnny FD is one of the very few legitimate bloggers that will tech you how to earn money from your blog. He will show in very detailed videos how to do so. His course is only for newbies to help them generating initial goal of $10,000 monthly passive income. Here is also a great list of the top 87 Affiliate Market that can make your rich.

Earnest Affiliate by Johny FD——>

Self-publishing books

I have published tens of books under my name and other pen names as well here is my Amazon Author Page. I would highly recommend you reading this short blog to understand the below steps and recommendations.

You can publish ebooks, paperback and audiobooks way easier than you think.

Step 1:

The easiest way to start self-publishing is Kindle Books. I consider it a foundation for all of your future self-publishing empire. Having said that, they are hundreds of courses out there claiming to make you rich by self-publishing in Kindle. I have tried many, and they are just s****. However, there is one course that worked for me very well and helped me publishing many books, it is K Money Mastery by Stefan Pylarinos. The course will take you through a step-by-step system to create a successful Kindle Business from scratch even if you are not a writer. Here is a great & free Kindle tool to help you create a stylish and catchy Kindle book description.

Learn Kindle Business with Stefan ——>

Step 2:

Get K Back End Pro course, it is only $5, but he will teach you how to put the above tools together to earn thousands from the backend, it is a very simple and straight forward course, and you can finish it in a couple of hours.

K Back end Pro


Step 3:

You must have the following tools or equivalent to them:

The best thing about Kindle Books that you can send readers to any squeeze page, landing page or your blog to get their email addresses, hmm why would you do that? Because then you can send them affiliate links or promote your future books. Feel overwhelmed? No worries, I will break this down to you, and I will let you know what exactly you need in a sequence.


Get yourself an automated & marketing email service. This will allow you to auto-email your readers. I use Aweber as it goes well with funnel sales and generates good commissions.

Aweber Email Service


Get a squeeze page service to send your readers to. I use OptimizePress basically for 3 main reasons:

  • It is one-time payment unlike most of the others.
  • Integrated very well with WordPress by installing their plugin.
  • Integrated with Aweber email service and extra-easy to use.



Here you can litteraly get people to do anything to you for only $5! It is called gig. If you do not have a Fiverr account CLICK HERE to get your first gig for free.

In short, you will need Fiverr for things like designing book cover, formating books, promoting in social media,..etc.